Nature has bestowed upon each and every one of us a certain uniqueness, a sense of being that separates us from the rest. This individuality fuels our never-ending search for who we are, where do we belong, and what is the purpose of our existence.

When explorers are credited and famed for discovering infinitesimally small fractions of the universe, shouldn’t we celebrate every discovery we make in the universe that’s embodied within us? The answer you’re looking for is an enormous yes because if you listen closely and for long enough, your soul sings all the answers you look for, out to you, in the form of a melody. In the lyrics of this melody, lies the secrets of your true being, your truest and deepest selves. Subconsciously for some, and consciously for the rest, these become the basis of the entities they attract, they surround themselves with, since the only dignified way of celebrating the milestones of self-discovery is through self-expression. 

And there is no better way of expressing your inner self than through your surroundings. With the right pieces of home décor, that make an everlasting part of your home and your office, you can channel yourself in your surrounding & make a statement that speaks volumes for you, at just a glimpse. By creating a space that is meant for you, you can build confidence and energy that associates you with yourself & inspires you!

So let’s celebrate you & your journey of self-discovery & self-expression and remember that happiness, peace, and comfort & inspiration, can be hung on a wall or entrapped in a flame.

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